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Accessorial Charges

Airport/Airline Transfers - MIA $25.00 $0.04 per lb.
Airport Drop - MIA $15.00 $0.02 per lb.
Airport Drop - FLL (next-day) $35.00 $0.02 per lb.
Attempts Area Rate x weight Charged same as delivery charge and in addition to.
Cash Advance Outlay Fee $15.00 + 7% of advance amount Advances must be prepaid by credit card. No exceptions!
Collection of COD/FCCOD $10.00 $10.00 per check collected.
Convention Center Surcharge $25.00 Flat Rate
Container Loading / unloading N/A Call for rate
Crating Service N/A Call for rate
Declared Value * $0.65 per $100
Dim Weight N/A 194 dim applies
Dock Transfers $25.00 $0.02 per lb.
Extra Man $50.00 $50.00 per hour
Floor Protection $180.00 Flat Rate
Hazardous Material $75.00 Flat Rate
High Rise Condos $20.00 $0.03 per pound
Hold for pick up or delivery $10.00 $0.02 per pound
Hotel Pick up or Delivery $10.00 $0.03 per pound
In and Out Fee $25.00 $0.02 per lb.
Inside Delivery $10.00 $0.02 per lb.
International or Domestic Air-Waybill Prep $25.00 Flat Rate
Liftgate $35.00 Flat Rate
Over the Counter $25.00 Flat Rate
Packing $40.00 $0.08 per pound + cost of materials
Pallet Jack (included with liftgate fee) $25.00 Charged only if liftgate was not required.
Pier Surcharge $40.00 Flat Rate
Rail Gate $45.00 Per bill of lading
Residential $10.00 $0.02 per pound
Unpack Debris Removal $40.00 $0.08 per pound
Waiting Time $40.00 $40.00 per hour
Warehouse Storage (after 48 hours) Call us Storage fees automatically begin 48 hours after freight hits our dock.
White Glove Delivery $175.00 $0.13 per pound + $80.00 per hour. Use White Glove Delivery for cargo that requires that extra care in delivery. White Glove Delivery minimum includes liftgage, inside, unpack, remove debris, and one extra man for one hour for up to 350 pounds. Weight over 350 pounds will entail the additional $0.13 per pound + $80.00 per hour after the 1st hour required.
Truck Loads Call Us Call us.

Please contact us for a quote if the service does not appear on this list.

*Declared Value must be arranged and paid for prior to shipment tender. Shipments where value is not declared are limited to a value of $0.50 per 100 pounds for any type of loss.